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BETDAQ is currently offering a £20 risk-free bet to new users. In order to take advantage of this offer, simply register for a new account, make your initial deposit and place a wager. If the bet ends up being a loser, BETDAQ will provide you with an account credit of up to £20 which you can use to make another bet!

About Vernons

BETDAQ is short for Global Betting Exchange Alderney Limited. Originally founded in 2000 by Dermot Desmond, the site was acquired by Ladbrokes PLC in 2013 in an effort to get into the betting exchange market. Purchasing Betfair, the market leader for betting exchange websites, would likely have been too costly, so in this case Ladbrokes went for the runner-up, BETDAQ, which boasted a 7% share in this segment. For those unfamiliar with the betting exchange concept – the site acts as a match-maker that allows gamblers to bet against each other. Since BETDAQ takes a percentage of the winning bet only, and because they are not taking on any risk, they and other betting exchanges can generally offer odds that are superior to traditional sportsbooks.

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Markets offered and site liquidity

Although lagging a bit behind the industry leaders in terms of markets offered, BETDAQ offers a surprisingly large variety of markets given its size. The only issue here is that some of the more obscure leagues lack liquidity – meaning it can be hard to find someone to take the opposite side of your bet. Unfortunately betting exchanges only work if they have a large user base and although BETDAQ is the runner-up in this category it is glaringly obvious that there are less people to match your bets. Nonetheless, if you are betting only in major markets such as EPL and Champions League you will have no issues here so this may not even impact the majority of readers. In addition to all the usual sports, you can even make special bets such as on reality show winners and election outcomes. There is also a live betting feature which updates in real-time with wagers people are looking to have matched.


Overall, we are pleased to see that more gamblers are considering the betting exchange method of placing wagers as it results in lower commissions for us players and less risk for operators. Unfortunately, however, until BETDAQ significantly increases its user-base it will not be a viable option for placing wagers on anything outside of the most popular events. Too often we were having a hard time getting bets matched and the situation is only exacerbated in the live betting application where timeliness is crucial! The future is promising for BETDAQ and we expect to see some very attractive promotions and low commissions over the next few years as the new owners at Ladbrokes attempt to gain market share on Betfair.

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