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BetFair is currently offering £30 in free bets for new members! Simply register for a new account, make an initial deposit and place a wager of at least £10 to receive a £30 account credit one your bet is settled! The £30 may be used towards your next wagers.

About Betfair

BetFair is a one of the most popular sites for online betting due primarily to the unique style in which wagers are placed. Typically, for most bookmakers, the site will take the opposite side of any wager and charge a commission to make sure they are able to stay profitable. BetFair, on the other hand, acts more as a matchmaker of sorts – they match your wager with someone else who is making the opposite wager. As a result, BetFair significantly reduces their risk and is able to provide much better odds – up to 20% according to them! Although far from being the norm, this new betting style is gaining popularity and we would not be surprised to see other sites adopting this method.

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Betting system and customer support

Our chief concern upon registering was learning this new system. Veteran gamblers have grown accustomed to the traditional online sports betting model so how would BetFair help make that transition easier? Well first of all they feature excellent technical support that is available 24/7. Every attempt we made to contact them was answered quickly and clearly. Additionally, a number of tutorials are available on the site to walk you through the entire process. It didn’t take long before we were comfortably placing a variety of complex wagers and we did notice the superior odds the site brags about! There is also a live betting platform that features match streaming – we found it to be one of the best platforms out there and the video quality was superb.

Mobile betting and deposit options

All of these features are also available on the mobile betting platform. Both the desktop and tablet versions of the site were very easy to navigate once we were acclimated to the exchange betting style. The only major negatives here are the 1.5% fee imposed on credit card deposits and the fact that it can be more difficult to find a match on some of the less popular events, which leads to higher commissions for the site.


Betting exchanges are only practical if they have a vast user base and fortunately BetFair is the largest one out there. Although this style of betting does take some getting used to we found it was worth the effort. Fortunately BetFair is offering £30 in free bets for new users so you will not need to go out of entirely out of pocket when placing the first few bets to get used to the system. Overall we recommend this site to anyone looking for superior odds, a solid platform and great live betting and match streaming features!

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